Film Making


When one is first starting with a movie of film making, it is obvious to get carried away with your dream and plans for tremendous success.

Film making tips

Do not over scrutinize yourselfdirecccccccccccc

This is a common mistake that many beginning film makers make. They nit pick about every little thing that they do.You need just to do it. Some things will run and some will not. But do not restrict yourself during the process too much. Let the ideas just come and have
in what you are doing.

Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses

This is excellent advice. Some people are good at writing, others at directing. If you cannot write, do not try. Get somebody who is a great writer if your strength is in directing.By having a team of specialists, you end up with the best movie possible.

Drop what does not improve the story and elaborate what does

When doing a piece on history, the actual truth is that a lot of the features are boring. The reason that a good historical piece is exciting is that the creator focuses on the aspects that are interesting and leave out the ordinary stuff.Watch any movie ever made on a historical event, and you will see what I mean. It is almost as if they take the entire section of history and condense it down to one or two main points eliminating all the stuff that will make you sleep. In other words, if it is not entirely crucial to the story, leave it out.

 Tell the truth

The point is this. If you are doing a documentary, you do not have to include all the facts just because they are true. You can concentrate on just the facts that show the truth that you want to convey.

Be nervous

When people tell you there is nothing to be nervous about, they are wrong. There is a lot to be nervous about. Because what you do matters. And it’s going to matter to somebody who is watching your movie years from now.

Determining your crew is as crucial as who is in front of the camera

This is related to knowing your weaknesses and strengths. A director does not just dfghjgfddgggggggggggggggmake movies. They are produced by actors, lighting
men and a group of people. It is necessary to understand that your movie is only as strong as your weakest joint.

To sum up the filmmaking tips, your goal is to keep it compact and easy.